Our company

We have been operating on the Polish and foreign markets since 1998. We have gradually been expanding the scope of our products and services. We have always been aimed at providing our clients with high quality products that come up to expectations of even the most demanding individuals.

We mainly used to sell preparations for nail polish production and render professional advisory services related to both technological matters and current trends on the cosmetics market.

With long-lasting experience of production under our clients’ brand, we have finally decided to present our own product line. We have been consistently striving to its development and to the extension of the product range.

Our products are ”made by women for women“, therefore we know exactly what are the key elements of our solutions. We want to make any person using our product delighted with its quality and subtle additional components, which create a unique final effect.

To ensure affordable yet optimum quality, we try to avoid wholesalers operating in a distribution network.

Create your world with us.

Company owner
Mirosława Białkowska-Gugała