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New products

Weightlessness, the beauty of the universe, wonderful experiences. Spaceflight can give you all this. But if you can't afford such a luxury, you can at least see those views! The universe and its beauty transferred right onto your nails. This is the newest Moons Of Jupiter Collection, created specifically for you. Put an end to the winter boredom with these beautiful effects!

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Year-Round Collection

A collection of many kinds of nail enamel, selected basing on 17 years of experience and available all year round. These are colours for the whole year. The series consists of 20 beautiful hues, in addition to colourless, white, black, a top coat with the fashionable mermaid effect, a base coat and our hit - a gel top coat.

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Season Collection

Joy, craziness and longed-for holidays! You will find all these in our latest nail polish collection from the line Diamond MAGA Spring/Summer 2018. Whether in the summer you feel like Pirate's Girlfriend or you try to solve the puzzle of Who Muted Salmon, you will surely find something you will really like in our offer. Holiday Adventure is waiting to be discovered!

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