New products

Ready for a dazzling, curly effect like a snail shell? Predatory cat eyes, rainbow peacock feathers, sparkling holo ... no, no, no! We are not talking about uv nail polish at the moment! This is a special collection of traditional varnishes, chosen by our Ambassador Snaily! Four effects closed in twelve bottles - unscrew them and release the kaleidoscope of colors, dormant in this collection!

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Diamond Prestige Collection

Cuban Cigar, or California Wine? This time ... Figa with Poppy !! Let yourself be convinced by the Mysterious Temptress who loves Appetizing Bordo and turn on the Appetite for Love! Do you prefer No Provocation? Well ... DANGER !! So decide on Cool Navy or Unmoved Gray!! Fall in love with the perfect consistency, perfect coverage and a beautiful gloss of the new collection MAGA DIAMOND Prestige!

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Season Collection

Ciao, Bella! Do you want to become a superWOmen, spend the night in Dubai, or maybe you want a hangover after Vegas? This summer will be like in Radio Hit - anything could happen! Full of energy, thriving, dazzling - we love you that much! Say "STOP" to winter, gray - dirty weather and let yourself be carried away by the madness of colors! Bet on bold, intense colors, interesting effects and above all ... shine!

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