MAGA Diamond Line nail product line wins the clients’ hearts at an enormous rate. Check why women admire our product. Fan-like brush, soft-touche screw cap or diamond powder additive will make you love our latest collection of nail polishes.

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All-year Collection

Nail polish collection selected on the basis of our 17-year experience is available throughout the year. The colours will be useful all year round. This product range comprises 20 beautiful hues, additional transparent, white and black top coat creating a trendy siren-like effect, base coat and our hot item - gel top coat.

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Season Collection

Why do we love winter? Because the colours are best seen on white background. Our collection is a bold response to autumn & winter season. If only you would dare and check whether you can colour your environment using colourful compositions on gloomy days, our offer is tailored for you. Furthermore, it also includes classical deep green (trendy this season) and dazzling plum for heavy sweaters. The collection is complemented by white gold nail polish and two superb glitters. Number 2 is meant for the enamoured in the moonlight who want to see them on their nails even in the daylight.

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