Change your enamel only when you feel like it! – MAGA DIAMOND nail polish

  1. The set consists of a colour and a Top Coat - using a base coat or a conditioner before applying the colour will help to keep your nail plate in perfect condition, although it is not required.
  2. Prepare the nail plate as always before the application of hybrids or enamels.
  3. Przemyj płytkę odtłuszczaczem - idealnie nada się do tego nasz produkt Cleaner, który znajdziesz tutaj: Cosmetic liquids
  4. Apply the first layer of the colour - like a regular nail enamel
  5. Wait about 1 minute
  6. Apply the second coat of the colour - like a regular nail enamel
  7. Wait about 1 minute
  8. Onto the not yet dried second coat, apply a fairly thick layer of Top Coat - forming a drop at the tip of the brush, usually you will need to dip the brush in the bottle 2 or 3 times for each nail.
  9. Wait 4.5 minutes (in this time, you can additionally harden the product)
  10. To achieve the best result, apply another layer of the Top Coat after the previous layers have dried.
  11. Finished!

The finished manicure can be additionally hardened by UV light exposure. When the Top Coat is drying, in order to achieve maximum durability you should:
- go out into the daylight
- use an UV lamp (180 seconds) or a UV LED lamp (90 seconds

To remove the enamel, all you need is an ordinary nail polish remover and a few cotton pads! No more soaking nails with acetone - press a cotton pad soaked with acetone against the nail, wait 5 seconds and wash off the enamel.

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