Gold uncovered

White gold on your nail! You can finally emphasise that white gold is your style! Check Diamond Line No. 20 nail polish from autumn & winter collection. Even if you are a standard gold enthusiast, we have prepared something for you. Amazing glitter perfectly complementing gold jewellery - Diamond Line No. 1 nail polish from our latest collection.

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MAGA Diamond Line nail polishes

Diamond Line products have been developed to meet our clients’ expectations related to top (or high) product quality. If your nails have ever been damaged after using hybrid nail polish or due to other nail treatments, we want to help you recover them. It is also possible that your nail plate is naturally weak and requires some aid. That is why our nail polishes contain diamond powder allowing for plate alignment and recovery. The polishes prove themselves perfectly between applying hybrids or simply if you do not like them in daily use.


Proper technology allows for obtaining a 7-day manicure. Applying the base, polish and top coat, you achieve just the right durability to change colour when you need, not when you have to! If you feel it is a waste of time, you can only use the polish and enjoy 3 chip-free days.

What about removal? It is a piece of cake - all you need is a nail remover.

We have also applied several solutions facilitating the application. A Soft-Touche screw cap relieves your fingers, while a fan-shaped brush makes excellent nail painting easy for anyone.

Apart from the nail polish collection, you can choose products for applying and removing hybrid nail polishes in a more convenient way. The cleaner perfectly prepares nail plate and removes an oily layer after application. On the other hand, acetone with glycerine additive prevents the skin from drying while removing hybrid nail polishes.

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