Cosmetic acetone

For removing hybrid nail polished, UV gels, etc.

A specific composition allows epidermis recovery and prevents it from drying during soaking. Glycerine and water exert an effective impact - if you soak a dried hand in it, the hand will significantly improve. Additional hoya “wax plant” extract was used to enrich the composition by minerals, amino acids and lipids contributing to nail plate reconstruction. This is the first product on the market that not only ensures fast removal of hybrid nail polishes, but also protects the skin..


Cleaner - degreaser

For degreasing of nail plate prior to manicure application and for removal of an oily layer after application of hybrid nail polishes.

At developing product composition, we tested its compatibility with 30 different brands of hybrid nail polishes available on the Polish and European markets.


Acetone - free remover

A product with splendid scent for excellent removal of nail polishes. Its pink colour catches the eye, whereas the bottle with an overprint underscores product high quality. The product’s composition ensures that the chemical smell characteristic to such products is imperceptible.
Moreover, the remover contains d-panthenol and “wax plant” extract for protecting the skin and providing it with essential nutritions.
Nail care have never been so simple!