1. General
  1. Maga-Cosmetic Company with its registered office in 93-228 Łódź, ul. Wedmanowej 6/8, is the operator of website.
  2. The website carries out its functions related to collecting information about users and their behaviours in the following way:
    • a. By information provided voluntarily in appropriate forms.
    • b. By saving cookie files on the users’ devices (the so-called “cookies”).
    • c. By collecting www server logs by the hosting operator.
2. Information entered in forms
    • The website collects information provided voluntarily by the users.
    • The website may also save information related to connection parameters (time stamp, IP address).
    • Form-related data are shared with third parties only upon user’s consent.
    • Data provided in the form may constitute a collection of potential clients recorded by the Website Operator in a register kept by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.
    • Data provided in the form are processed for the purpose resulting from a form’s function, e.g. for handling service requests or establishing commercial contacts.
3. New cookie policy.
    • What are cookies?
      Cookies are small files, in which user settings are saved. They are created by Internet browser at every page access. Some of them may remain on the user’s device after closing the browser. At subsequent access from the same device the browser may check whether an appropriate cookie (including the page’s name) is saved on this device and send the data comprised in the cookie back to the page that saved the cookie. That is why it is possible to identify that a given user accessed a page in the past and, in some cases, match the contents shown to the viewer.
    • Cookie advantages.
      Cookies facilitate using previously accessed pages. If the user uses the same device and browser as beforehand, the user’s preferences can be stored. Our websites use no cookies that collect information allowing for the determination of user identity.
    • Cookie control and removal.
      The user can adjust the use of cookies via his/her browser. He/she can block or remove the cookies being derived from web pages. In order to do so, the user should change browser settings. The majority of browsers give the possibility of accepting or rejecting all cookies, accepting only some types of cookies or notifying the user any time when a web page tries to save them. The user may also easily remove the cookies that have already been saved on the user’s device by the browser. Management and removal of cookies vary according to the browser used. Detailed information related to this topic can be obtained by using Help browser function or by accessing page, on which the control and removal of cookies in the majority of browsers has been thoroughly explained.